Placement Agency
Placement Agency for International Professionals
Own Language Schools
in the Philippines and in India

It’s all about care!

Tailor-made solutions based on customer requirements

We find your future colleagues, qualified nurses, or trainees.
In our own language schools, we train your future colleagues in the German language according to CEFR standard.
Perfectly prepared for your company and the German job market.

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Fair conditions for Customers, Applicants and Partners

The principle: the employer bears the costs

Applicants do not pay any fees for our programs and services

Fair and transparent contracts: towards clients, applicants, partners

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Language schools with modern dormitory

Learn German in a pleasant environment and without distractions
Teaching by trained instructors (DAF) and native speakers

In a modern boarding school on site: together with colleagues through language training

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Excellent know-how in the Asian market

Over 25 years of experience in international recruitment

Own organizations in India and the Philippines including agency and language school

Expertise in job applicant support and recruitment services

The all-round carefree package


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We listen to the wishes and requirements of employers and find the best candidate for your company.


Integration starts the day we decide to work together, not when you enter Germany.

We represent and network, link and connect both sides based on agreed contracts and tailormade to your needs.


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We listen to the wishes and requirements of the applicants and find the best employer for our candidates.

It ́s all about care!

classes started
professionals arrived in Germany
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