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Our task: We find specialists educated in foreign countries, qualified employees, and trainees in the care sector for your company. To prepare them perfectly for your company and the German labour market, these colleagues acquire the linguistic and cultural knowledge they need from us.

Advantages for employers

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Specialized personnel placement

We provide competent advice, find skilled nurses abroad and train them linguistically for your needs: trustworthy, process- and result-oriented.
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Integration right from the start

Integration does not start when they enter Germany but way before. Contact with future colleagues, employer branding and interaction is always possible and appreciated.

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Experience in international
HR processes

Our international expertise in the field of personnel management / human resources guarantees first-class implementation of customer requirements.
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Language training and cultural

Our own language schools including on-site dormitories deliver very good results in language and cultural training thanks to well-trained and a highly motivated (DAF) teaching staff.
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Excellent know-how in the
Asian market

Due to our experience with the Asian culture, we can meet your expectations and provide well-trained, motivated, and emphatic healthcare professionals.
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Internal Cross-Cultural

For a smooth integration into existing teams, we offer workshops and trainings on intercultural topics for your existing colleagues.
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Overcoming any bureaucracy

We overcome bureaucratic barriers: We take care of all documentation with the authorities for you. We take care of entry formalities (visas, applications for recognition, etc.) and accompany the nursing staff during their language training and after their arrival in Germany.
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Providing care is a conversation-based profession

Language is the key to success.
We operate our own language school not only in the Philippines, but also in India. Qualified language training is an important tool in recruiting skilled workers.
The focus is therefore on language acquisition and integration.

International Recruitment

We recruit internationally


The Southeast Asian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean with a Catholic population majority and its approx. 110 million inhabitants is a valued recruiting country: Almost ten percent of the Filipino population works permanently abroad, many in the health sector. Due to excellent education and language skills, Filipino emigrants find their way around Europe very well.


With its 1.2 billion inhabitants, India is a country where good education has been the standard for many years already.
Thanks to the friendly mentality, Indian employees are working all around the world and are especially successful in the health sector. Since 2021, India has been on the WHO White List and is becoming increasingly important as a recruiting country.


das südostasiatische Archipel im Pazi- fischen Ozean mit katholischer Bevöl- kerungsmehrheit und seinen ca. 110 Mio. Einwohnern ist ein geschätztes Rekrutierungsland: Fast zehn Prozent der philippinischen Bevölkerung arbeit- en ständig im Ausland, viele im Gesund- heitswesen. Aufgrundhervorragender Ausbildung und Sprachkenntnisse finden sich philippinische Auswanderer in Europa sehr gut zurecht.


mit seinen 1,2 Mrd. Einwohnern ist seit vielen Jahren ein Land, in dem gute Ausbildung Standard ist.
Dank der freundlichen Mentalität sind indische Mitarbeiter in vielen Ländern der Welt tätig, besonders erfolgreich im Gesundheitswesen. Seit 2021 steht Indien auf der White List der WHO und wird als Rekrutierungsland immer wichtiger.


mit seinen ca. 34 Mio. Einwohnern ist ein sehr junges Land im mittleren Zentralasien. Usbekistans Wirtschaft hat sich in den ver- gangenen Jahren gut entwickelt. Viele junge Usbeken arbeiten im Ausland – auch als qualifizierte Fachkräfte in Gesundheits- und Pflegeberufen.

Training that makes the difference

Integration begins with language training in the country of origin


School and agency on site

We run an agency and a language school in the Philippines. There, your future employees will be prepared for your company according to your wishes.

GigaLingua | Language school with boarding school

The language lessons in a modern school with an attached dormitory are conducted by trained German teachers (DAF) and native speakers. It comprehensively considers the elements of culture, mentality and communication and imparts knowledge about German traditions and manners in a German-speaking learning environment.

GigaProfessional Partners Inc. | Land based Manning Agency in the Philippines

The agency in Manila has been approved by the POEA since 2020. With this and another agency, we can organise targeted recruitment campaigns in the Philippines and screen and prepare larger groups of applicants.


From recruitment to placement
Process period in home country
10-12 months*

– according to client requirements
– requested language level B2

process home country 41
Process period in Germany
6-9 months*

– According to client’s requirements
– Requested language level B2

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prozess ger tablet EN
prozess ger tablet EN 2
* Processing times depend on the work of the authorities (or similar), entry is also possible with B1 with same process duration


Fair and transparent for all involved parties


We create trust for everyone throughout the process – through transparency, fairness and sustainability. We stand for binding requirements – from comprehensive information on labor migration and jobs, to compliance with internationally applicable standards, to the employer pays principle.

A catalogue of requirements introduces criteria for ethically acceptable recruitment and more transparency in the placement process in four quality areas:

  • Information on labour migration to care in Germany
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Transparency in the recruitment process for candidates
  • Transparency in the recruitment process for clients

More information: www.faire-anwerbung-pflege-deutschland.de

We are currently not certified, should this be requested, we will implement this at short notice.


The “Gütesiegel” creates trust for everyone in the entire placement process – through transparency, fairness, and sustainability. It stands for binding requirements – from comprehensive information on labour migration and the workplace, to compliance with internationally applicable standards, to the employer pays principle.


The “Gütesiegel” creates trust for everyone in the entire placement process – through transparency, fairness, and sustainability. It stands for binding requirements – from comprehensive information on labour migration and the workplace, to compliance with internationally applicable standards, to the employer pays principle.

Prices and services

Included in the standard price:

  • Advice on the current situation in the care workers’ markets of origin as well as on legal particularities in the countries
  • Applying for the necessary permits to recruit in the home country
  • Screening and pre-selection of candidates according to your specifications
  • Organisation of interviews with your company
  • Organisation of the language school incl. accompaniment of the candidates and clients throughout the entire period of training
  • Regularly conducted integration seminars
  • Application for the deficiency certificate in Germany
  • Application for the preliminary application for labour market admission
  • Application for visa and health insurance membership
  • Organisation of entry
  • Mediation for integration problems

Possible services on request:

  • Organisation of the training plans for the recognition measure with the clients
  • Active accompaniment of applicants in the first months after entry
  • Application for education vouchers
  • Organisation of visits to authorities and active support in these processes (Residents’ Registration Office, Foreigners’ Registration Office)
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Organisation of mobile phone cards
  • Intercultural training with colleagues in the house
  • Others on request